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Experiments in Art Making as Art Educational Method

Professors Silas Fong and Gustav Hellberg at Chung-Ang University, Department of Photography, have initiated an exhibition exchange project between a selection of leading international universities. The idea is to create a project where students, who are showing extra talent and engagement, will be given an opportunity to reach out and develop their skills. It will also be an opportunity for the students to prepare an international network foundation. The process will be carried out in close collaboration with selected faculty members over a designated time.

This project will furthermore undergo an extended research work, where the project itself will undergo an academic and critical investigation. The intention is to investigate and discuss different ways of art teaching.

The entire project will thus work as a platform for experiments in art education. 

One of the leading questions behind this project is too see if it is possible to combine art making with art teaching. Another endeavour will be to try to break hierarchical educational structures, a study in who is teaching and who is learning.


The result of this research is to be published as an annual anthology of essays in combination with documentation of the projects’ processes and resulting artworks.

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