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Experiments in Art Making as Art Educational Method 


Make is an exhibition exchange project between a selection of leading international art colleges, a project that will function as a platform for experiments in art education.


A leading question behind the project is if it is possible to combine art making with art teaching. Another endeavour is trying to break hierarchical educational structures, a study in who is teaching and who is learning.


The results of these explorations will be exhibited in the participating colleges’ home cities. Each university will host the project once. An anthology of essays in combination with documentation of the projects’ processes and resulting artworks is planned.

Make 2 will be hosted by ZHdK in Zurich in September 2023

Next edition will be hosted by ZHdK and is planned to take place in Zurich in September 2023, with workshops, preparations for the exhibition and seminars. 


Participating institutions 2023

Art Center, Pasadena, USA
CAU, Seoul, South Korea
ITB, Bandung, Indonesia
Parsons, NYC, USA
RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
Yale-NUS, Singapore
ZHdK, Zurich, Switzerland

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EXPERIMENTS IN ART MAKING Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, Seoul, 2019

Photos by: Silas Fong, Grace, Ryu Jihun and Byun Juneon



Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, Seoul, 2019

1 - 12 October 2019

Platform-L Contemporary Art Center
11 Eonjuro133gil 

Gangnamgu Seoul 06053

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중앙대학교 예술문화연구원
Chung–Ang University of Arts and Culture Research Institute

With sponsorship and support from Bitglim and PASA

(Photo & Science Art) Festival

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